Thursday, December 20

Solaris 10 on Dell PowerEdge 1950 and 2950

I probably get an email every couple a weeks about this one, not sure why.
E-mails regarding something in Solaris not working on Dell PowerEdge 9th gen servers.

For any device driver related issues with Solaris on x86, the first resource to check if you run in to trouble is the Sun HCL, the 'hardware compatability list'.
Solaris 10 works fine on most Dell boxes, but some need NIC or HBA drivers.

For a Dell 2950 that tells us that Solaris works, from release 11/06 upwards, it also tells us to download the ethernet driver here and the MegaRAID SAS driver here.

NB, the Sun HCL does not mention the new 'III' series 9-gen server yet. I would guess they are working on as Sun and Dell recently partenered to provide better Solaris support. The PERC6 card may need some new drivers.