Saturday, January 21

Slacky blogging

So I admit it, I've been a terrible blogger for the last month or so.
This is mainly because if am in the process of starting a new job, my old company didn't offer much challange for me any more and I felt it was time to move on.
So on monday I start my new position as Unix admin in a financial software company spot in the middle of Soho in central London. It feels like a great place to be. The whole thing went very fast, had an interview just before xmas and one when I got back and was offered the position the same day. Cool.

Ok, but I haven't been totaly slack. I've written an RSS aggregator for the phpBB implementation in phpNuke. More about that in another post.

I promise to blog more. :-)

Thursday, January 12

Tube fairs!

Ok, everyone knows that public trasnport in London suck.
About 2 years ago they introduced a new ticketing system called "Oyster card" (gay name eh?) which is based on a RFID badge. They did keep the old trustworthy paper tickets as well.
But now after the new years they have change the whole pricing schema for this crap, a paper ticket is twice as expensive as the new Oyster card system.

So yesterday I had to get one of those Oyster thingies, painless process actually. No paperwork or anything. Not sure why I was against it in the first place. Seems to be quite alright once you get used to it. Ohh well. We'll see in a few weeks. :)

And damn, had to order a new harddrive for my home workstation. The 250Gb disk I bought with the box (and old 120Gb I already had) are smack full. I should really read the man page for rm. But hey, with broadband at 8megs these days I easily download 10Gb some days.

Thursday, January 5

Back at work

Ahh, back at work after 2 weeks of xmas holiday.
Feels alright to be back actually.
Spent all day checking whats been going on with our main systems during the break.
Not much to be honest. Some, less maintained (i.e. not by me ;)) PG databases needed a full vacuum as usuall and the MP3 archive is a bit out of day.
Probably need to head out to the colocation-center next week to update a few glibc and kernel versions on our CentOS boxes.

Anyway... we'll see what the new year has to offer. :)