Thursday, January 12

Tube fairs!

Ok, everyone knows that public trasnport in London suck.
About 2 years ago they introduced a new ticketing system called "Oyster card" (gay name eh?) which is based on a RFID badge. They did keep the old trustworthy paper tickets as well.
But now after the new years they have change the whole pricing schema for this crap, a paper ticket is twice as expensive as the new Oyster card system.

So yesterday I had to get one of those Oyster thingies, painless process actually. No paperwork or anything. Not sure why I was against it in the first place. Seems to be quite alright once you get used to it. Ohh well. We'll see in a few weeks. :)

And damn, had to order a new harddrive for my home workstation. The 250Gb disk I bought with the box (and old 120Gb I already had) are smack full. I should really read the man page for rm. But hey, with broadband at 8megs these days I easily download 10Gb some days.

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