Thursday, December 29

It's alive!

Finally managed to get the two new servers for installed and up and running.
Quad CPU database server "Emma" and dual CPU web server "Lina".
A good friend was kind enough to donate a stack of 15krpm 18Gb drives to the project so there is now plenty of disk space as well.

Must say it feels much better to be on MySQL 4.1 instead of the ancient 3.23 version I had on the old RedHat 9 box (yes yes, beat me up, I should have upgraded that box years ago).

The couriers that shipped the servers to Sweden where even more evil than the ones I used in the UK. Luckly a friend helped me to hammer and solder the servers together before installing them. The power socket on one of the boxes looked nasty.
Surgery pics can be seen here.

And a huge thanks to exeo for allowing me to host the machiens at a very good price.

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