Friday, March 24

Latest Linux distro releases

Ok, been a busy week in the Linux community. Spent some time beta-testing Centos 4.3 last week. Works fine and of course runs Oracle without glitches. Did see some problems with libaio and up2date on x86_64 but that should be solved by now and the bad RPM's removed from the repoos.

The Fedora team also released Fedora Core 5, installed it on a test PC at work but haven't had time to install Oracle on it yet.
May not be a perfect install, FC5 has alot of new stuff that could cause problems with the Oracle install. We'll see, I haven't heard any reports where people have problems with Oracle on FC5 so it may just as well work fine.

Visited Level 3's co-location facility in London today. Quite impressive place, built in the old Gordons Gin factory by Old Street. Security was massive, we hardly got in. :-)

Haven't had a music recommendation in a while... time for one really good one now

The Sounds - Dying to Say This to You

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