Wednesday, February 21

Mixing Dell PowerEdge 1955 and 1855 blades

After looking around the Internet for information regarding mixing Dell PowerEdge 1855 and 1955 blades in one enclosure I found some varying "opinions" whether it works or not.

To get things right.
Yes, it is possible to mix and match any 1855 and 1955 blades in one single enclosure
However, there are two small requirements.
  • The DRAC/MC needs firmware 1.3 or later (everyone should upgrade to 1.3, even if you don't have any 1955 blades).
  • You need the digital KVM modules, they rock, get them!

The 1955 blades plug-in during operations just as any 1855 blades would, you get a sensor detect and they power on just fine.

Printout from the DRAC/MC:
[Server Module Power Consumption Table]
<Slot#> <Server Name> <Blade Type> <Power State> <Current/Max Consumption>
1 Server-1 PE1855 ON 300/300W
2 Server-2 PE1855 ON 300/300W
3 Server-3 PE1855 ON 300/300W
4 Server-4 PE1855 ON 300/300W
5 Server-5 PE1855 ON 300/300W
6 Server-6 PE1855 ON 300/300W
7 Server-7 PE1855 ON 300/300W
8 Server-8 PE1955 ON 304/304W
9 Server-9 PE1955 ON 304/304W
10 Server-10 N/A N/A N/A


PlumFire said...

Thank you fot the info.

Here at MHS we have just purchassed 40 1955 blades and I;m trying to get the imaging proccess started. The road block that Im facing is to where to get the Bare Metal scripts for the 1955 blades i.e Bios, Drac, RAID etc...)

Unknown said...

1955 and 1855 blades do indeed seem to work fine together, but for the life of me we cant seem to get the 1855 to talk via IPMI if we turn IPMI on in the 1955 blades. its a major bummer, since the DRAC interface is kind of clunky for scripting power commands. It especially will suck once we start throwing m1000e chassis in the mix, since the m600 blades are all IPMI.

Have you had any luck with using IPMI with a mixed chassis with 1855 and 1955 blades?

Josh said...

I know this is old but I'm hoping someone is still reading this.

We have an 1855 Chassis with 5 1855 Blades. Can I put in 1955 blades in the other 5 open slots with no problems?

I didn't see which chassis people were using.

Also, do you know if the 1955 blades running ESX support 64 bit VM's?



Forexpert said...

I am trying to put in a 1955 blade into a 1855 chassis with an ANALOG KVM module.
According to your post, it is a requirement to have a DIGITAL kvm module.
Do you know by any chance whether it should work with an ANALOG kvm module ?

Unknown said...

With the analog KVM the KVM functionality should not work properly on the 1955s.

But you can get great deals on 1955 blades on eBay and maybe even a newer chassis or the right KVM. Go for the quad core blades if you are going to do it that way they mimic the latest technology.

So (a) upgrade firmware (easy); (b) buy digital KVM (easy on ebay); and (c) get the 1955 quad cores and they will work perfectly fine.

good luck.

mikeowen said...

Have you tried to get WOL, Wake On Lan to work through this chassis? Although you can open it up on the chassis and indeed blades, I found that WOL just doesn't work with the DELL 1955 blades, but works fine on my network with other servers?
Any advice?
Thanks for the blog :-)

Forexpert said...

Turned out that my problem was due to the fact that the Pe1955 blade server had an additional Gigabit Ethernet Dual portdaughter card which was incompatible with the Fiber Switch 3014 of the Pe1855 chassis.

According to Dell Support, the reason for that was that my 1955 blade was configured for 'Simple Ethernet' whereas my 1855 Chassis was configured for 'Ethernet + fiber'.

Details of the configurations:

I resolved this problem by physically opening the 1955 blade and taking the DUAL PORTDAUGHTER CARD off.
I then rebooted the blade and it worked straightaway - it was not even necessary to reboot the chassis.


Bauani said...

Thanks for the informative posting

Your article is really informative. Interesting thing is comment's form other is more informative. You said digital KVM switch. If I use Analog, will it work on 1855?

Ahamed Bauani

mikeowen said...

Has anyone been able to get IPMI for remote power cycling setup correctly and working with a Windows OS environment?
Any help would be awesome!

Chris, said...


I am having some issues trying to configure my Dell1855 chassis for ethernet. I am new to the blade enviroment, and i am not sure what it means by pass through and i am haveing no luck finding much online about how i need to get this up and going. any help would be amazing. Thanks.