Sunday, June 24

Sun 2002 flashback

We've been doing some shuffling around of hardware at work and I've recommissioned some old Sun hardware for a new QA environment.
Oh the memories I have of old Sun kit :)
The most exciting thing I've installed is a Sun v480 connected to a T3 brick. That combo was pretty much the industry standard Oracle solution when I had my first job in "real" systems administration and it was probably one of the first the real mid-range installs I did (not counting ageing 420r/450's).
To be honest, it's a match made in heaven. A quad cpu v480 with a t3 brick (or two) kicked out some real performance numbers in it's day. The v480 is probably one of the nicest boxes to work with (considering age and all), the boards are easy to fit, the RSC is awesome, it's simply rock solid. Running Solaris 8 of course (we still have *lots* of clients on Solaris 8 (with Solaris 10 gaining ground)).

The T3 array is pretty cool, but it brings back the frustrations everyone had with early low-end SANs. The limitation to two disk RAID volumes with very limited zoning and slicing. But hey, it's pretty old and is still pretty fast.

Now if I only could figure out how to get rid of that darn Sun E250 we still have running Sybase 12.5.4, it just works to well so far.


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