Sunday, July 1

The new top 500 supercomputer list is out!

Finally had some time to look at the latest Top500 supercomputer list released last week at ISC '07 last week.

Lots of changes compared to the old list; two quite interesting new things. First of all is Intel multi-core chips, secondly we have Blades, loads and loads of blades.
A significant number of entries on the list are using Intel Xeon 5160 3.0GHz dual-core CPU's and there is also a number of quad-core systems.
Another interesting point is that the crown in terms of number of systems on the list has been passed from IBM (with 192 systems) to HP (with 201 systems).
The HP Cluster Platform BL460c holds quite a few spots on the list. Can't say I've heard much about HP's HPC offering so far, they're not exactly beating the drum on that one (compared to the IBM guy who's calling me every 2 months).

SGI holds a few new slots on the list as well, which is extra fun to see considering the hard last year SGI have had. One Altix system even made it to number 10 on the list (with Columbia on number 13).

Top 500

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