Monday, June 20

Back to work

"Travel suck!" -Hampus Linden, 2005

Had a quite boring flight back to London. Sat next to a "large women" so I couldn't really move an inch during the 2 hour flight (which was delayed for half an hour), then after landing all trains to London from the airport was canceled due to engineering work (don't we all know it) so I had to take the bus. Argh! Took another half an hour extra to get back home.

At least I've had some time writing on the Oracle sqlplus/rlwrap article, should be done by next week or so. Feels good to be back at work again, Resin fighting and Oracle auditing on the schedule today.

Today's SQL tidbit:
List all users that are allowed to connect to an instance and have open accounts.
select r.grantee from 
dba_role_privs r,
dba_users u
and u.account_status='OPEN'
and granted_role='CONNECT'

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