Wednesday, June 15

Vacation slacking

Spent a good few hours cleaning and fixing my old bike, it's been in storage at my Moms place here in Sweden while I've been working in London. Took a quick ride around town when I was done trying it out, the gears still need some tweaking and some more oil. I think but I'll save that for the weekend *lazy*

My home town, Motala, is really coming to life for a few days now. There is a big (the biggest in northern Europe actually) bike race this weekend, 17k people or something racing (and just for the record, No, I'm not in the race).

Also dug up my old Sun Ultra 60 computer from storage, installed some RAM and a HDD I picked up on Ebay a few months back. Must say that the U60 is one of the last "true Sun boxes". It just feels right to work with, proper disk spuds, robust case etc.

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