Friday, February 24

Portable Solaris #2

Got around to updating my Dell laptop to the latest Nevada build of OpenSolaris (build 33).
Things have improved a lot since b27, things like improvements to make the installation process faster, wifisupport now included in the base distro and the usual general packet updates.
A few really annoying things though.
  • X (Xsun?) ran in widescreen mode during the installation but defaulted back to 640x480 (Xorg?) at first boot.
  • The Centrino wireless module is not included as default, this is probably due to a licensing issue.
  • The Broadcom BCF driver is not included as default, probably also a licensing issue.
  • MySQL is included. WHY? What happened to PostgreSQL?
    Anyway, fixing these small hickups it runs great. It runs really great. Performance is terrific. Configured my ZFS pool... sweeet. :)
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