Friday, August 4

Oracle group_concat() updated (again)

I've ranted about this twice before. The mysql group_concat() equivalent in Oracle has in the past been quite problematic query.
We found a quite good solution a while back and after checking Tom Kytes blog I found a even better solution today.
This is mighty impressive SQL code, very simple functions but used in a very clever way.

Have a peek.
with data
select job,
row_number() over (partition by job order by ename) rn,
count(*) over (partition by job) cnt
from emp
select job, ltrim(sys_connect_by_path(ename,','),',') scbp
from data
where rn = cnt
start with rn = 1
connect by prior job = job and prior rn = rn-1
order by job

--------- ----------------------------------------

How cool is that, nothing extra to the query! Just beautiful use of the analytical functions.

Full TK post over here.


Anonymous said...

This can also be done in a similar way using the MODEL clause (available in Oracle 10g or greater). In this example, I'm concatenating without any separator. The update rule in the model can easily be changed accordingly.

with data as
select job, ename,
row_number() over (partition by job order by ename) rn,
count(*) over (partition by job) cnt
from emp
select job, scbp
from (
select job, scbp, rn, cnt
from data
partition by (job)
dimension by (rn)
measures (ename, cnt, cast(null as varchar2(50)) scbp)
scbp[any] = scbp[cv()-1] || ename[cv()]
where rn = cnt
order by job
--------- --------------------------------------------------

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Everett said...

This post would be much more useful if you shared with us the table structure being used.

Prakash said...

in 10 g we can use wmsys.wm_concat function for this

Prakash said...

select job,wmsys.wm_concat(ename) from scott.emp group by job

Ravi Sanwal said...

Actually wm_concat is an undocumented function. I guess it would be better to use listagg.

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