Thursday, July 20

Fabric 7 servers

Found this very cool new server vendor called Fabric 7.
The thing that sets them aside from other vendors is that they actually have something new to offer, they recently introduced their first products, the Q80 and Q160, to the market. AMD Opteron servers, we've all seem those before and know that's about.

Here's the cool part, they support hardware level partitioning. Similar functionality you get in a Sun Fire 2900 and up system. You can cut up the box in four domain, run VMWare in on, Solaris 10 two and Windows in the forth. Sure you could probaly do all that in VMWare, but in some cases you need dedicated hardware for a project. A basic system with 4 single-core processors and 8Gb RAM starts a $29k. Not a great price when comparing to the Sun x4600 which starts at $26k for a 4 dual-core system with 16Gb RAM. They do however come in at about the same price for a 8 dual-core system with 32Gb RAM. These are list prices, haggeling is up to you.

This can be a very interesting company in the future. I wouldn't be suprised if one of the big fours try to acquire Fabric 7.

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