Saturday, July 8

HPC Top500 - AMD vs. Intel

The latest top 500 HPC list was released about a month back. A lot of new systems on the list which is great news. Opterons are climbing fast and IBM is gaining a lot of market share with Blue Gene systems.

One thing struck me as quite interesting when I first glanced the list, Xeon processors seems to get higher "per cpu" benchmark figures. I know these numbers aren't the only thing to go after when it comes to comparing HPC processing power. The type of load etc . makes a difference. But still, it's a known fact that Opterons are faster in almost all tasks.
I did a quick calculation of the top 100 entries which had Xeons or Opterons, the average Rmax per cpu is almost 50% better for Xeons?!
Xeon gets 4.40 and Opteron gets 3.00.

This makes me even more courius about the next list where we'll hopefully have some Xeon 5100 systems.

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