Tuesday, July 11

New massive Sun servers

Sun, or should I say Andy Bechtolsheim, announced some really awesome servers at the NC event today.
I mean, these new boxes will kick some HP butt.

  • Sun x4600 - an 8-socket (16-way) Opteron machine. 4 SAS drives, 8 PCI-e, up to 128Gb! memory. Sounds like a fun box.
  • Sun x4500 - ok, most companies are moving away from internal storage but now when iSCSI is making great progress it is time to rething the mid size storage sector. This little 4U box has nothing less than 48!! internal SATA drives. Up to 24Tb per machine, with 10 machines in a rack, thats 240Tb per rack. Yes please.
  • Sun Blades 8000 series - nice blade enclosure. Future proof, 2 pci-e slots per blade which is nice. And the network backplane has a smart config. Instead of having a interface card on the blade and connect via ethernet to the switch, the "switch" connects to the blade via PCI-e, so the actuall ethernet card is in the switch itself. Small customer base though, only massive datacenters can afford this type of kit.

    I can see a very nice Oracle Data Warehouse setup here. One x4600 processing machine backed by 24Tb iSCSI storage mounted from a x4500 :)
    And, we can build a massvie 48-way 3 node RAC deployment in just 12U's (plus proper storage).

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    Yokota Fritz said...

    We're pretty happy with how thse boxes are turning out. I hope they sell well.