Thursday, August 4

Dell vs. Home built x86 PC

Ok, I've had this annoyance for a while now. My desktop at work is a Dell Dimension with a 3.0GHz proc and a SATA drive, but it still gets completely bogged down when I write a DVD disc, the same thing happens when someone copies like a large ISO-file from my PC over the LAN. Initially I thought it was just the way it was when writing DVD's or other heavy I/O.
However, when I tried burning a DVD on my friends home built 3.0GHz box with a similar SATA drive and spec., it was hardly noticeable. The only real difference in hardware is the he's got a better motherboard (Asus or Abit I think) and thus probably a better IDE chipset. My guess is that the cheap bastards at Dell chose the cheapest possible junk chips they could find and hence leaving more load on the CPU when I/O comes in to play, more DMA load or something.

Conclusion; -Dell suck when it comes to raw-power!
Sounds like I need that dual-core machine sort of ASAP. :D

Cool flash aninmation about switching to Linux (like RPM and shit):

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