Wednesday, August 17

IRC is for you!

Time to get some more people to use IRC.

Firstly, I'm now a permanent "op" (moderator/operator) in the #oracle channel on FreeNode.

Secondly, there must be at least a few hundred channels that will catch your interest. More or less every single known community open-source project has got an IRC channel. You have #kde, #postgres, #mplayer. There are also channels for probably all programming and scripting languages such as #python, #perl, #java and #sql and of course #solaris and #opensolaris. Sun even keep a few real Sun support techies in the Solaris channels. Cool.

So just yum/pkg-get/apt-get an IRC client if you don't already have one (good changes are that you already have one).
I personally use IRSSI which is a shell based client that works great to run in a screen so I can attach/detach wherever I am.
Other GUI based options are XChat for any operating system (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, *BSD etc) or the old classic mIRC client for Windows.

See you on IRC!

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