Friday, August 26

Why Starbucks

-Why do I like Starbucks?

  • Good coffee! First and most importantly, the coffee is the best around when it comes to common chains.
  • Nice stores. The stores always look clean and fresh, not old and scruffy as many others. Often nice sofas soft chairs
  • Atmosphere. It's always a nice relaxing feeling to step in to a Starbucks store (well almost, rush hour can be mayhem (that's why I don't work regular hours)).
  • Good staff. Most of their staff is extremely friendly and very nice, they seem to hire people with a good attitude and at least some experience in the area. And without sounding to sexist, they do hire "more beautiful people". In my local Starbucks (Cowcross St, Farringdon) there is an extremely cute blonde with freckles working. Oh yes!)
  • Fun drinks. Ok, I'm not a huge fan of the exotic drinks, 99 times out of 100 I will order a Grante Late, however, it is nice to have the option to order a nice strawberry frappochino on a hot summer day.
  • Cool music. Perhaps a big part of the atmosphere. Starbucks always play smooth relaxing music. Jazz, blues, soft soul, folk etc.

  • Backup alternative? Caffee Nero

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