Monday, September 5

Ask slashdot about free RDBMS

Slashdot is running an "ask-slashdot" thread about comparing MySQL and PostgreSQL. Quite funny to see peoples misunderstandings of Postgres.

I just can't figure out why most people prefer MySQL over Postgres. Probably "user-friendliness", you can throw ugly SQL at it and it will still make a decent attempt to parse it and execute.
Secondly speed of course, however I find the speed point a bit hyped. When indexing Postgres properly with partial and functional indexes it is damn fast. And given that most of the MySQL speed optimizations are done with the sacrifice of transaction robustness and data concistantcy.
Now with bitmap scans in PG 8.1 it should fly.
On the other hand, all these things require a good DBA, not a "well I did rpm -i and it all is sooo fast" guy. :)

I'd say that people should read the slashdot debate with a pinch of salt, 90% of the people probably have no clue what they are talking about.

And don't forget that Mysql is now evil.

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