Thursday, September 15

phpNuke forums in your mobile

A few users over at got talking about how cool it would be to have the phpBB forum on their mobiles.
Well said and done, I sat down a wrote a small PHP script to do just that.
It probably doesn't comply with any WML standards but it works great on all phones we have tested it on (mostly semi-new Nokia and Sony/Ericssons (read XHTML)).

And lets say there is alot of room for improvements. Only functionality right now is basic browsing, I plan to add a search function and a text pre-processor (remove bbcode/large images etc) amongst other things when I find the time.
Posting will however probably not be implemented.

It shouldn't be to difficult to port it to a plain phpBB forum, just change on or two SQL queries.

Test drive (in Swedish) at

Download the script from here.


Jay said...

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