Tuesday, September 13

Enterprise action

Lots of cool stuff happening in the IT world right now.
Summers over, get back to work!

Ebay buys Skype. I have my doubt that this was good for Skype but at least they made a shitload of cash ($2.6b + $1.5b to be specific). I myself is not to keep to use Skype with people on Ebay all the time. E-mail is good enough.
Reuters has got the scoop.

I've been ranting about this one for a few years now :)
Oracle buys Siebel. Along with Peoplesoft Sibel got eaten by the beast.
Story at The Reg.

And I guess noone missed the NC05Q3 yesterday.
Some nice new Opteron boxes from Sun. Good boxes, but not amazing. Cool KVM remote access thingie, SAS 2.5" drives, low power consumption. I was hoping for an introduction of the new 32 thread SPARC procs (yes, after 3 years "suckyness" SPARCs are interesting again. Would make a perfect Java application server in my company. Wide load instead of the depth the Opterons give.
Anyway, the X-series is cool, good price. I'll try to get my hands on some :P

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