Monday, October 30

rlwrap for rhel / centos / unbreakable

Just buil a new RPM file for rlwrap 0.26 for Centos 4, Redhat 4 and Oracle Unbreakable Linux. I've added my (very) basic sqlplus auto complete file.

If you are not familiar with rlwrap but use Oracle on Linux/Unix you should definatly have a look. rlwrap provides basic "bash style" command line editing in sqlplus (and other command line tools), you get command history with working arrow keys and normal command line editing.

Download 32-bit version: rlwrap-hali-0.26-1.i386.rpm
Download 64-bit version: rlwrap-hali-0.26-1.x86_64.rpm


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm trying to obtain rlwrap
for Solaris. I've compiling it,
but I'm having some trouble.

I wonder if you might know where
I could find a compiled version
for Solaris?

Edward Garson said...

Cool, thanks for this....

Hari said...

How about sharing the spec file? I get failed dependencies for and would like to build my own. Thanks.

Hari said...

Actually, I posted before doing a search, so to update, I found a spec file for a previous version from here. However, this caused the below error:

RPM build errors:
Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

I then worked around using this thread. Hope this information is useful for someone.

Tani said...

Good to know about this . As i never even heard about this . Here i got a new information. Would like to know about this for enhancing my knowledge and maybe it will also help me somewhere in my work.

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