Sunday, October 16

apt-get install ubuntu

So I finaly got around to buying a new computer. Built a simple AMD64 box (Nope, did not go dual core) with parts bought from my Scandinavian friends over at Komplett.
With a new machine I of course needed an OS and since Ubuntu has gotten so much press lately I sort of felt it was my duty to test it.
Ok, I have to admit, I was quite hesitant of using a Debian distro after being forcefed RPM's for the last 5 years and Solaris 10 DVD's for the last year.

However, I was quickly proven wrong :)
Install was a breeze and the default system looked quite alright.
After first reboot X failed to start due to that the installer hadn't found my ATI x800 graphics card (PCI-e) but the driver was just an apt-get away. Downloaded and ran fglrxconfig to configure my settings (damn thing did not add the Zaxis-mapping to make the scroll-wheel work tho).
No more problems after that, I added a few more apt repos and installed some more basic software.
All in all good but I must say I felt a bit confused with the file structure of the PostgreSQL 8 install with files all over the place. I'm used to compiling it myself to a dedicated dir, most often /u01/postgres with the datadir under /u02/pgdata. No a big issue anyway.

If I feel motivated enough I will install Solaris 10 on the box as well. Need somewhere to run Oracle. Perhaps VMWare is the solution?

Oh, and I forgot to write that I bought a new monitor a month back, an Iiyama Prolite E481S (8ms response and 700:1 contrast). The picture quality is truly amazing. Almost comparable to a good CRT. It really came to good when hooked up to the new ATI card.

Le desktop de Ubuntu :-)


PS. Finally got my Bulldog DSL install date. Tuesday 18th this week. *Yeay*

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