Tuesday, October 18

Day off and DSL installed

Have had the day off! Yes!

Was busy with 'something' this morning but all afternoon I slacked around. Or not slacked around perhaps, went shopping and even found time to get a hair cut.
First time in almost two years I've had a day off.
I think I'm going to take new Tuesday off as well. Things are sort of slow in the office right now so it shouldn't be a problem.

My ADSL modem started flashing green today instead of the annoyingly red.
The PPPoA line syncs in at around 5.2Mbit, can't say I'm overthrilled by the speed but it is definately good enough. Someone told me that the Speedtouch 330 USB-modem Bulldog offers for free suck donkey balls and that the speed is usually alot better when using a high-end router.
I'll see if I feel downloady enough to bother.

IRC topic of the day
Todays topic in #oracle on FreeNode has been PL/SQL. Seems like alot of people are migrating from MySQL systems and tend to over-use PL/SQL wherever they can, even where plain SQL is enough. Hmm.
I should get around to write that small PL/SQL tutorial I've been thinking about for a while. Just some basics to stop people from pasting SQL-queries straight in to PL/SQL and expecting the column aliases to be referable.

Note to self.
Fix special character bug in the phpNuke WAP interface.

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