Thursday, October 6

London broadband suckyness

I got sucked in to a great broadband deal the other month.
8Mbit broadband and free telephone line for only £20 per month.
Great I thought.
Now six weeks later and not a beep from the ISP I am a bit puzzled if it was such a good deal after all.

By now I think about 90% of all brittons have figured out that I signed up to Bulldog Broadband a part of Cable & Wireless.
In short; they suck and I should have known better.

Bulldog fan sites

I should just have waited for the Swedes :D
24Mbit service in central London before xmas. Yes please!

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Anonymous said...

I think we'll be lucky if we get 24 MBit/s bband from Be before Christmas: they've proving pretty tardy with their sign-up, and extremely slow when it comes to customer services. Patience isn't an attribute Be should be expecting from their early-adopters...