Monday, October 17

Cool breeze of AMD

-What is the average temp of a desktop CPU these days?

The last time I built a PC for myself and actually cared a bit about the components and performance of the machine it was a AMD XP1800+. I remember spending something like £40 GBP on a better CPU fan and chassi fan to get the temp down and keep it reasonably quiet. However, I still had a CPU temp in the high 40's. Usually around 47C if I remember correct.

The new box I built the other day with a AMD64 3200+ proc using the retail boxed fan and a normal 12cm chassi fan has a CPU temp of 28C. Yes, that is correct. Both the BIOS and the awful "GigaByte EasyTune" reports the same temp. I was quite impressed tbh.

Coolness! :-)

CD recommendation:

The Cardignas: Super Extra Gravity

Ok, it doesn't top Long Gone Before Daylight but the new Cardigans CD is great. I'd say number two on their list.

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