Wednesday, April 12

48 hours on Mac

So I've had the iBook for about 48 hours now. The first 10 where quite annoying, had no idea where my applications went, how to "right-click" or even where stuff go in the file system.
Googled a bit and found a few nice tools to sort me out.

  • Fink offers a number of nice GNU-tools to make the shell a bit more familiar.
  • Virtue provides cool spinning virtual desktops
  • Quicksilver offers a nice "CLI" interface to most apps. I.e. pause iTunes with applekey-space and the command pau.
  • Firefox ... of course.
  • Transmission. Decent torrent client.

    Found most of the programs over at

    The desktop resolution on the 12" screen is a bit low, 1024x768. Not the massive 1600 resolution I got on my old Dell.
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