Sunday, April 2

Cheap iBooks

So yesterday when I browsed the Apple website I found the Apple refurbished stored. They had cool 12" iBooks at a 26% discount. Thats a lousy £525 for a 1.3GHz model. I was quite tempted to buy one but decided to sleep on it. I don't really need a new laptop *that* bad. But it would be a fun gadget, I haven't played with OS X that much.
And slept I did, woke up and decided to go online and order that laptop. And now they are all gone.
F&%king annoying. Just my luck, I knew I should just have ordered one yesterday.

Now I'm going to have to spend a few hours watching Family Guy to get over it. Stewie understands me.


Derek Baillie said...

Aww, that's a shame :/ I always do things like that, though - usually on eBay ;)

Love your blog, by the way.


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