Sunday, April 9

Cheap iBooks (revisited)

Yes! The Apple Store had cheap iBooks in stock again. And this time I didn't hesitate to order one. Cheapo 1.3GHz 512Meg model. Just so I can play around a bit with OS X a bit. Total cost including shipping was £524. Not bad, not bad at all.

I'm still looking forward to the new smaller MacBook Pros.
Just imagine a 13" widescreen laptop with two 2GHz cores, 2Gb RAM and four (4!) operating systems to choose from. MacOS, Linux, Windows and yes, Solaris. With some luck (and probably more RAM) I is theretically possible to run all four of them at the same time (hypervisor). But it would be cool to at least be able to switch between OS X and XP and have the possibility to start a virutal Linux or Solaris machine when needed.
I do hope they will ship the new MacBooks with massive harddrives tho :)

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