Monday, April 24

Not all new things are bad

In my previous post I ranted about how all new features in UNIX/Linux add complexity and random annoyances.
The one thing that shines above all this is Suns ZFS. Every time I issue a zfs/zpool command I get a warm fuzzy feeling. The nightmares of VxVM/VxFS are all goooone. I configured an old 420r with a few (even older) Netapp shelves for a friend the other day. The basic mirrorsets and raidz tanks where configured in under a minute.

And now I jus stumbled across this blog describing how to boot (almost) from ZFS only system. Cool indeed! :)
Im seriously considering getting a AMD64 Shuttle-style PC with a pair of SATA drives to keep as a small server hidden away in the closet. Would be nice to have that on pure ZFS.
Solaris 10u3 with some luck.

Now I have to reinstall our spare v20z with b39 tomorrow.

"ZFS, because your worth it"

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