Sunday, May 28

Testing VxVM under Vmware

Just downloaded and tested the new "free" Vertias Storage foundation software for Linux in a Vmware instance.
Ran in to a few problems, not unexpected.

First, the prein rpm scripts for VXVM fails if you are on a AMD box. Just run through the install script and manually add VRTSvxvm-common and VRTSvxvm-platform with the --nopre rpm options. After rpm is done just run vxinstall to finalize things.

Now for the second hickup. CDS disks do not work under Vmware. For those of you who are not familiar with cdsdisks it is a new platform independant disk format recently introduced in VxVM. It makes it possible to migrate SAN LUN (or physical disks) from
for instance a HP-UX box to a Solaris box without doing any conversion.
To avoid this problem we need to use the old "simple" disk format. The easiest to always default to this is to create two files under /etc/default.
One file called vxdg with the line cds=off and one file called vxdisk with the line format=simple.

The rest is quite straight forward.
# cat /etc/default/vxdg
# cat /etc/default/vxdisk
# vxdiskadd sdb sdc
[ enter dg1 when prompted for disk group name ]
[ just hit enter for all other prompts ]

# vxdisk list
sda auto:none - - online invalid
sdb auto:simple dg101 dg1 online
sdc auto:simple dg102 dg1 online

# vxassist -g dg1 make u02 1G layout=mirror
# vxprint
Disk group: dg1

dg dg1 dg1 - - - - - -

dm dg101 sdb - 37701920 - - - -
dm dg102 sdc - 37701920 - - - -

v u02 fsgen ENABLED 2097152 - ACTIVE - -
pl u02-01 u02 ENABLED 2097152 - ACTIVE - -
sd dg101-01 u02-01 ENABLED 2097152 0 - - -
pl u02-02 u02 ENABLED 2097152 - ACTIVE - -
sd dg102-01 u02-02 ENABLED 2097152 0 - - -

# mkfs.vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/dg1/u02
# mount /dev/vx/dsk/dg1/u02 /u02
# df /u02

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/vx/dsk/dg1/u02 1048576 17338 966793 2% /u02

Vertias actually let me create 5 user volumes before starting to complain about licensing.
VxVM vxvol WARNING V-5-1-12761 You have exceeded the authorized usage for this product and are out of compliance with your License Agreement. Please email or contact your Symantec sales representative for information on how to obtain additional licenses for this product.


Juan said...

Is a requirement to install Veritas on the ESX service console?, I assume that if this is the case the product won't work on either ESXi or the new version of vSphere (5 I guess) which doesn't have a service console.

Also, can I use Veritas on ESX to set up replication on any storage attached to the ESX, iSCSI or FC?



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