Sunday, May 28

Veritas are scared

Ok, I missed this bit of news completly.
Vertias (yeah yeah, Symantec whatever) have released a limited version of VxVM and VxFS free to use. They labled the new product Storage Foundation Basic. I'm not sure how useful it is. The free version has a few limitations.

From the Vertias website:
Download your free copy of Veritas Storage Foundation Basic for Linux and Solaris x64 servers. Note: This free version is limited to 4 user-data volumes, and/or 4 user-data file systems, and/or 2 processor sockets in a single physical system.

Veritas used to own the storage software market but I'm must, to be honest, say I haven't bought any major Veritas licensing in quite a long while and haven't really considered doing so either.
Now with a production release of ZFS just around the corner it makes even less sense to use VxVM/VxFS on Solaris and considering the awfull performance on Linux I'm not very tempted to use it on any Linux systems.
Perhaps when deploying legacy Solaris 8 based systems. Err, can't do that since they the Solaris/SPARC version of the product is not free.

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