Saturday, May 27

Ubuntu 6.06 - the aftermath

Ok, I got Ubuntu RC installed without to much trouble.
There is a known bug with some ATI graphics cards (I know, I should have gone with Nvidia) so the installer crashed because it couldn't start X11. Luckily it just dropped back to the text console so I could edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and switch back to the plain VESA driver. After I HUP'd gdm I got my nice installer desktop.
The install itself is very painless. Six simple steps, selecting language, timezone, disklayout and creating the "admin user" (normal user with sudo access). There is no package selection, you're given a nice useful but quite clean system without a fuss. A good approach in my opinion.
It found all my NTFS partitions and added them to fstab with their respective disk labels. I'd say the installer is much easier than installing XP, it's at least much faster. In my twisted Oracle ways I added one OFA mount point (/u01,/u02 and /u03) on each of my three disks as well.

After the installer finished and I logged in I installed the latest updates, added two new very useful apt reposatories to /etc/apt/sources.list. The first one to get all the media codecs and other nifty packages and the second one, obviously, to get Oracle XE. Sweet.
deb warty universe
deb unstable main non-free
I even used the Synaptic package manager to install Oracle XE, very simple.

All in all a good first impression of 6.06.

Took a few screenshots.

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Unknown said...


your guide is so fantastic, just one question, have you tried NOT oracle 10g database control but Oracle 10g Grid Control I mean just the server management to concentrate several db in a single console.

I've been tried without any successful.


Diego Toledo