Saturday, May 27

Ubuntu 6.06RC and why Sun will rule

It's raining in London, as usual. So I got a bit bored and decided to see if Ubuntu 6.06 was released yet. It's not, but a nice looking release candidate is.
And now to the interesting part...
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) RC is available for Sun UltraSPARC
It's even got support for the new coolthreads servers. Many people where expecting this and now it's confirmed. Cool indeed.
To quote The Schwartz himself; Ubuntu is currently the most exciting Linux distribution on the market today. Take that your Redhatters! (I'm not even going to mention the SuSE guys, you are so out of the picture already).

This is yet another great move from Sun, they really show their support to let the customer do whatever they want with their hardware. Sun's core focus is to flog servers and if the customer wants more, and only if, they offer the end to end solution.
Myself along with lots of other sysadmins and DBA's out there like to have a bit of both. If we deploy a buisness critical HA Oracle system we do want to run Solaris and have the Sun Cluster suite, we want a rock solid support agreement and may even ask someone from Sun to come press the power-on button when we go live.
On other occations we don't want squat from Sun except a kick ass piece of hardware. Take a development system, development systems often change over time and they have to be flixible and cost effective. If a proc fails we'll just take the next server in the pile and let Sun replace the proc later on (NBD). And not to mention that we tend install all sorts of weird peices on software on them.

My next question to Sun is (and I'm pretty sure they'll answer "Yes of course" to this one) is, will the Sun Ray server software be released for Linux on the T1's?

Can we dare Oracle to start supporting Ubuntu now? Come on Larry, you know it's the right thing to do.

Anyway, my 6.06 RC download is almost done. Time to burn a CD-RW and reboot.

The "LTS" bit in the Ubuntu release name stands for "Long term support", they now offer 3 year support for desktop released and an impressive 5 year support for server installs.

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