Wednesday, May 10

TOra on Linux

I'm not a fan of Toad, I'm not a fan of Tora. But a lot of people seem to be and keep asking me how to get it running on their system, mainly people who just installed Oracle XE.
Here is a quick guide on how to get it working.

Download Tora from and extract it to a directory.

Make sure you have all the required devel RPM packages before you start, use rpm -qa a look for things like kdelibs-devel, qt-devel and other KDE related devel stuff. On my FC4 box ./configure complained that I didn't have qscintilla installed, yum did the job in a few seconds.

yum -y install qscintilla qscintilla-devel
./configure --prefix=/u01/app/tora --with-oci-version=10G
# 'make' took ages on my machine and for some reason
# it failed when I used the -j3 make option.

sudo make install
All done!
Launch tora with /u01/app/tora/bin/tora.

Last thing, Oracle SQL Developer is written in Java, it takes 1 minute to install and configure. It's better than Tora in most aspect. Just use SQL Developer instead of Tora!


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Jack said...

I haven't work on Linux. I need to understand the basics of Linux first. When I get that concept only then I try mu hands on TOra. I think I'll get the concept when I am done with Linux. The code doesn't seem much difficult. Thanks.
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But a lot of people seem to be and keep asking me how to get it running on their system, mainly people who just installed Oracle XE.WOW Gold
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