Friday, July 8

Busy busy

I've been quite busy the last few days, been trying to sort out a few things at our India site and then your head Java developer left here in the UK so it's been a couple of hectic days.
Then the terrible London bombing occurred yesterday. I was on a circle line train at Paddington when the blast at Edgeware road happened, we all got asked to leave the station in a rush. I wasn't aware of the magnitude of the incident until I got to work (walked) and read about it online.
The Indian news channel Aaj Tak found out that I had been near one of the explosions (we are in the same building as them in India) so they wanted to interview me on live television, only 34 million viewers(!!!).

Site recommendation
Cool article about Oracle time and date usage.

Music recommendation
Some soft blues from Taj Mahal
Especially the song "Ain't gwine to whistle dixi" is so soft and well performed, I've been listening to it in my Grado headphones all morning (the recording is very good as well).

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Jack said...

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