Monday, July 4

Get the machine type in Linux

Found a new usefull command in Linux, similiar to the prtconf command in Solaris.
I've been looking for some way to find out the machine type in Linux and after much seeking I found dmidecode. It's not uncommon I get asked to "check out" a server in India or elsewhere in the world and it's always frustrating not to know what brand/model it is.

Example from a Dell PowerEdge 650 pizzabox.
[root@monitor root]# dmidecode |grep Prod
Product Name: PowerEdge 650
Product Name: 0W1373
[root@monitor root]#


hastonian said...

excellent help, thanks!

Jack said...

I don't have much knowledge about Linux. It's not completely new but I still have to understand in a better way. Your post is full of important information and examples given are useful to understand the concept. Thanks for your post! :)
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