Thursday, July 21

How UNIX are you?

Sometimes people are just wasting time when it comes to computers or rather the computers are wasting peoples time. That's why I like UNIX and applications like Oracle. If you know what you are doing, you waste very little time fucking around. Things are where they are supposed to be and they just work as intended (well, at least most of the time).

I wrote a small check list to see how UNIX-like you are :)

Do any of these statements match you?

  • Start X11 without a window manager to save resources (hey, xterm's go a long way).
  • Ever said "Damn, mutt is bloated!" to yourself
  • Installed an older version of a compiler because the new features look scary?
  • Added your CD collection to a heavily indexed Oracle database?
  • You try to solve performance issues by tuning instead of buying more hardware
  • Girls using SSH are hot!
  • Starbucks coffee is so cheap!

    If more than three or four of these are true for you then I think you are more UNIX based than you think :-)
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