Monday, July 11

Oracle 10g Release 2

So we finally have the second release of Oracle 10G available for download from the Oracle website. It's actually been available since June 6th but I've been tied up in other things so I haven't had time to look at it until now. Anyway.

I installed it on one of our test boxes and the installation hit a few problems, first gcc/ld failed with a missing error, had to install another compat library and the linking retry worked fine.
Secondly dbca failed with a boring "TNS: lost connection" error. Quick look in the log files showed that sqlplus died with a missing libaio error (yes, the pre-reqs should have checked for this and warned if the RPM was missing). After installing the RPM I ran dbca again and it finished without problems.

10gR2 pretty much feels like normal 10g on the surface, the cool stuff is deeper down. I'm going to try out some of the new features later today or tomorrow, and no, I'm not going to write any stored procedures in VB. ;-)
One thing I reflected over is that 10gR2 feels a bit "lighter" than 10g, it uses a tad more memory but feels faster on my quite slow 800MHz test box than 10g does.
View the 10g Release 2 documentation library.

Command to check for the two missing RPMs (required on my FC4 system):
rpm -q compat-libstdc++-33 libaio

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mahakk01 said...

Yes, finally we Oracle 10g release 2. I completely agree with you as I also tried to install it. I also face the problem in installation. I also get the error “lost connection”. Even after installation there are other errors also. I didn’t find anything new right now. You can also try it.
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