Monday, July 25

Oracle data tranportation made easy

I got to spend some time with the Oracle Data Pump this morning. We where sent an expdp file for analysis, quite large and using something like 15 tablespaces and of course they had also renamed our main application schema. The dump was even made with 10gR2 and my target system was 10gR1.
So what, not a problem?! :-)
A few lines of impdp hacking and the exp loaded like a charm, to our default two tablespaces and to our default schema name.

Example (cut down version):
USERID="/ as sysdba"
Read the Oracle Data Pump Overview docs.

And a quick CD recommendation:
We've all heard them before, just need to be reminded about their greatness once in a while. Their live performances are something extra, there is a reason they where the first band to play at LiveAid 20 years ago.

Dire Straits - Alchemy - Live

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