Friday, July 29

Sysadmin day

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!
If your a sysadmin I hope your users appreciate (read buy you [beer|cake]) today, and if you are a "user" please buy your sysadmin [beer|cake].
I got our office a box of Krispy Kremes.

I've been doing some benchmarks on huge PostgreSQL tables in the past days. Loaded a table with 150 million rows and created 10 partial indexes of 15 million rows each. The response times are quite amazing, selects around 1ms and updates under 20ms.
I'll consider posting some more results if anyone is interested.

The London terror wave continues, today police raided a council estate a few miles from where I live. I thought that area was mainly inhabited by rasta faris but apparently some Muslims live there as well.
BBC News has the scope.

Another music recommendation:
Heard "Hurricane" on TV and had to dig up the old classic Bob Dylan - Desire album.

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