Wednesday, July 27

Gadget recession

- "I don't have a MP3 player, I don't have a Blackberry, I don't have a PDA, I don't have a smart-phone, I don't have a GPS navigator, I don't own one single piece of Bluetooth hardware, I don't even have a USB memory stick."

What is happening with the world? Most of my "geek friends" don't have loads of gadgets any more.
Are gadgets becoming fashion accessories? At least the iPod has, followed by the Blackberry (which isn't even black any more but comes in all sorts of cute colors.
On the streets of London I see people with gadgets all the time, but not the people you used to see with gadgets. Now we see cute girls with iPods and flashy mobile handsets, bankers with their Blackberrys and just normal people using IM on the move.
I even saw a nice looking girl the other day with a Zaurus Linux PDA. She probably didn't even now how hot it looked.

What is left of the "legacy gadget freaks"? Have the geeks "been there, done that" and realized that gadgets don't chance our lives that much or are they just rejecting gadgets because they are "socially acceptable".

Is blogging is the new gadget!? :)

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